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Modules and Compliance areas
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Modules and Compliance Areas
Q:  How is MIRS™ software structured and how do I know what I need to purchase?
A:  MIRS™ is an integrated, modular software package built around the hazardous materials used or stored in your facility. Most modules address a specific regulation or data management need. For example, the FORM R module addresses SARA Title III, Section 313 Toxic Release Inventory compliance.

Modularity provides clients with the option to purchase only the modules that pertain to their facility’s regulatory compliance needs, with the option to add modules at any time.

Integration means that the information you enter into MIRS™ is accessible from any module. This eliminates tedious re-entry of data and makes the most of information by sharing databases from one module to another.

You should purchase the specific modules which address your facility’s compliance needs. For example, if your facility files Tier reports each March, has SDS management needs, and Clean Air Act permits, you would purchase SARA, (M)SDS, AIR and CLE modules. You may also purchase PERMIT, INVENTORY and OSHA HAZCOM to expand your EHS data management capabilities. No matter what you purchase or when you purchase, you can always add modules to MIRS™ without time or cost penalty.

Q:  What configuration options are available with MIRS™?
A:  There are many configuration options available, including:

  • Single stand-alone workstation. Install MIRS™ on your standalone workstation and track EHS information for one facility right at your desk.
  • Multi-facility. This multi-facility option allows a user or multiple users to track information at multiple facilities from a central location. The information for each facility is stored separately and the user can produce separate facility reports. Data can also be shared between facilities. The MIRS™ multi-facility option allows up to 999 facilities. Additional facilities can be added to MIRS™ at any time.
  • Multi-User LAN connected workstations. A Local Area Network MIRS™ installation allows multiple users, with multiple access levels. A user’s access can be restricted by facility, by module or by function.

Q:  Can I manage more than one facility with MIRS™?
A:  Yes, with any one of the following approaches:

  • A multi-facility version of the MIRS™ software. (See Multi-facility description above, for capabilities.)
  • A multi-facility version of MIRS Online™ software. (See below)
  • Multiple installations of MIRS™. Install MIRS™ at each of your facilities.

MIRS Online™
Q:  Sometimes we have trouble keeping our software current because we have to wait for IT to roll out new versions of SW across the servers. This puts us in a difficult position since we have to meet reporting deadlines. Do you have any services that might help?
Q:  I am responsible for EH&S reporting but I spend a lot of time on the road. The MIRS™ software is installed back at the plant location and I don't have any remote access. Do you have any services that can help me out?
Q:  My company has just started a work-at-home policy and now I can do a lot of my reporting and administrative work from home. However, for security reasons, I cannot connect to the company servers to access the MIRS™ software and databases. Do you have any services that can help me in my new situation?
A:  Yes, yes, and yes! MIRS Online™ can give you safe, secure access to all the MIRS™ modules and your data from any location that has a high-speed internet connection: at your office or plant location, on the road, or at home. Click here to see more information on this service.

Q:  What security options are available to control access to MIRS™?
A:  MIRS™ provides an option to require a password or user id option for controlling user access. Access can be secured by:

  • Module - Access to a specific module can be restricted by user
  • Access rights within a module - Access rights can be restricted by access type (read/write/edit/view, etc.) and menu option type (data entry, report, utility). For example, an administrative level employee could have data entry access, and a shop floor employee view-only access, while a manager could have ability to enter data and print reports.
  • Facility - User access rights can be restricted to specified facilities.
You can also use the PC network’s security scheme to limit access.
By design, access to (M)SDS NETVIEW, the MIRS™ add-on module which provides Worker Right-to-Know compliance, is limited to retrieval-only.

Regulated Chemical Database
Q:  What chemical information is provided in MIRS™?
A:  Each MIRS™ module includes access to a complete EPA SARA-regulated database of approximately 3,000 chemicals. This database covers all chemicals regulated by SARA Section 302 (Extremely Hazardous Substances list), Section 304 (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Emergency Liability Act), and Section 313 (Toxic Release Inventory).
Data included for each chemical (when available or applicable) includes CAS registry number, name, synonyms in English and other supported languages, EC number, RTECS number, UN/NA Number, RCRA Waste Number*, Color Index number, formula, molecular weight, physical properties, OSHA / ACGIH exposure limits*, DOT hazard class, WHMIS classification*, European R&S phrases*, GHS classification*, etc.
* = when available for specific chemicals.

Other modules or add-ons increase the chemical database size:

  • The FORM R module provides the complete 3,000-strong chemical EPA SARA-regulated database, including all listed SARA Section 313 toxic chemicals and adds more than 20,000 category chemicals not individually listed by the EPA.
  • The CLE (Chemical List Extension) add-on chemical database includes all the chemicals mentioned above. Additionally, CLE supports 100+ agency lists, with a total of more than 220,000 chemicals and categories. A V Systems researches and monitors changes to agency lists and then incorporates those changes into the CLE. This saves you the time and trouble of researching which chemicals in your facility are reportable under various regulations. The CLE is required for LOCAL and AIR modules.


System Requirements
Q:  What hardware and software is required to use MIRS™?
A:  The following table indicates the MIRS™ minimum system requirements.
MIRS™ minimum system requirements:
Component Requirements and Recommendations
CPU: · Pentium or Athlon 1 Ghz or higher.
Operating System: · Microsoft Windows 10, 8, or 7
Monitor: · Screen resolution of 1024x768 (XVGA) or higher
Memory: · 128 Mb or more of free physical RAM.
Hard Drive: · 2.0 Gb or more of free disk space recommended
· Disk space requirements to run MIRS™ varies widely dependent on the modules purchased.
Printer: · Inkjet or laser printer recommended. Any printer with a Windows driver capable of producing standard 8.5x11" output.
· Certain forms, such as waste manifests, require a printer that handles multi-copy forms · OSHA 300 Injury and Illness report requires legal 8.5x14" paper size.
Additional requirements for scanning SDS images:
Component Requirements and Recommendations
Hard Drive · For scanned SDSs, allow 10-140K per page per SDS compressed size, dependent on scan resolution. The recommended resolution is 300 dpi (1 bit depth), which results in 80K average per page file size.
Scanner · Any scanner capable of producing 300 dpi GIF, BMP, PCX, TIF, etc. files.
· A multi-sheet loader improves efficiency when scanning multi-page SDSs.

Database / Compatibility
Q:  Does MIRS™ have the ability to receive data from other sources? What formats are accepted?
A:  MIRS™ is ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) compliant, it can share information with other ODBC-compliant applications such as ACCESS, EXCEL, FoxPro, Lotus, MySQL, etc. MIRS™ features a simple two-step import process which enables you to incorporate data from other company systems (accounting, purchasing, inventory, SAP, JD Edwards, BAAN, PeopleSoft, etc.) for use in MIRS™.


Q:  Is training necessary to use MIRS™?
A:  No training is required to use MIRS™. All MIRS™ modules include on-line and field-specific help information, in addition to full documentation in PDF format. Because MIRS™ is intuitive and easy-to-use, most clients are very comfortable with the software functions and quickly become efficient without training.

A V Systems is a full-service solution provider offering 2 types of software-use training: on-site (your place) or in-house training (our place).

Annual Support
Q:  Are service or maintenance contracts available? What is included with a service/maintenance contract?
A:  Annual Support is the MIRS™ ongoing service and software update subscription.

  • Annual Support provides software updates covering regulatory changes associated with the modules, chemicals, thresholds, rules of reporting and the reporting forms or files.
  • The software updates also provide new features and program enhancements which are selected and implemented based on user input.
  • The Annual Support Agreement provides unlimited telephone technical support from a senior level Technical Support representative.

The first year’s Annual Support is incorporated into the initial module purchase and covers a 12-month period. You can extend the Annual Support period for three additional months, for a total of 15 months, simply by returning your signed software License Agreement.

All clients with current Annual Support will receive automatic distribution of the latest program version each January, with another update each Spring for clients with the FORM R module. Users with expired Annual Support will receive renewal reminders and can renew the Annual Support at any time to receive the latest software version.

We encourage any client with lapsed Annual Support to renew at anytime, no matter how long the lapsed period. You'll find the renewal cost attractive and the update process simple. Clients who renew MIRS™ receive the full, current-version program CD and do not have to install interim versions or re-enter data.

Q:  There is a specific feature that I need for my particular facility. Will A V Systems customize MIRS™?
A:  A V Systems will make custom enhancements to MIRS™, as long as those enhancements are consistent with the system. The enhancements can be made on a fixed price or an hourly basis, with a predetermined delivery date. Any enhancements made by A V Systems are fully supported as part of the product.

Custom Data Import
Q:  I have existing EHS information from an in-house tracking system. Can that information be incorporated into MIRS™?
A:  A V Systems can provide a one-time import of existing EHS data into MIRS™ to populate the program, save your staff tedious data entry time and maintain OSHA HAZCOM compliance. A V’s technical support staff can work directly with your IT or EHS staff to coordinate the retrieval of existing EHS data from your in-house system. This information can then incorporated into MIRS™ before the program CD is sent to you for installation. Import information includes component, manufacturer and SDS data.

Conversions from other EHS Software packages
Q:  I am interested in purchasing MIRS™ because I am not happy with my current EHS software program, but I have so much data that it is not worth starting fresh. Do you have a solution?
Q:  The EHS software used by my facility is no longer supported or the company has gone out of business. Can the EHS data be saved?
A:  Yes to each question. A V Systems has performed successful data conversions from dozens of existing and outdated software packages, even some of those with proprietary data formats.
- You must purchase the equivalent MIRS™ modules to utilize A V’s data conversion service.
The cost for this service varies, dependent on the amount of data and the custom programming required to extract it. Because A V Systems has considerable experience and expertise in this area, we are able to provide most data conversions at a cost less than that of one software module. Read an article about A V Systems' data conversion expertise, "Solution to a New EH&S Software Problem", published in Pollution Equipment News magazine.

Following are examples of some of the software packages from which A V S has converted data: CHEMTOX®; OSHA-Soft/Achieve Technology; HAZ/TRAK/Hawkwa Group; Rainbow MSDS/Pro-Am Software; HITS; HAZOX/Hazox Corporation.

SDS Information and Exchange
Q:  I know that I can author SDSs using the MIRS™ (M)SDS module, but is there anywhere I can get SDSs directly from the manufacturers?
A:  Of course, you can contact the manufacturers directly, or you can use MSDSmart at www.MSDSmart.com. MSDSmart is an SDS or MSDS "clearing house", which uses an automated exchange system for electronic Material Safety Data Sheets.


Product Information
Q:  How can I obtain additional information about MIRS™?
A:  At AVS, our goal is that all MIRS™ customers be well-informed customers. Prospective buyers are urged to make a thorough evaluation of the software and capabilities prior to making a purchase. Because the volume of information relevant to any EH&S software package can be overwhelming, it may be helpful to use a step-by-step approach to review software capabilities and compare them to your needs. We offer various resources, including:

  • Product literature
  • Telephone consultations with a MIRS™ Product Consultant and/or Senior Technical Support representative. Our programmers are also happy to participate in discussions with your IT department to determine system compatibility and functions.
  • Live action web-based demonstration. See MIRS™ in action, with guidance from a MIRS™ Product Consultant. This format allows you to interact with the software and ask questions.
  • Telephone consultations with current MIRS™ users.
  • Full-functioning, 30-day evaluation copy of MIRS™.

Q:  Our EH&S department's budget is limited. How can we integrate software to automate all of our compliance reporting activities?
A:  As an initial step, please contact our office for quotation. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised at how favorably MIRS™compares to other software packages with similar capabilities. When you are ready to make a purchase, there are two approaches you may wish to take:

  • A phased implementation benefits many organizations. You can start with just a few modules and then add additional modules as your compliance needs grow.
  • Another option is to lease the complete software configuration for a low monthly payment. See MIRS Online for details.

Return Policy
Q:  What is your software return policy?
A:  Because each MIRS™ CD ROM is created specifically for the purchaser, with the EPA facility identification information and module configuration encoded, the software is not refundable without a 15%, 30-day Restock Agreement approved by A V Systems, Inc., prior to purchase.

At AVS, we want every client to be fully satisfied with the software. We urge all prospective clients to thoroughly review MIRS™ before making the purchase. We are pleased to answer any questions that you or your staff may have. You’ll never get the "hard-sell" from us!

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