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MIRS™ combines all of your Environmental & Safety issues into one easy-to-use system, greatly reducing the amount of time and money spent on EPA and OSHA compliance. MIRS™ is a modular, integrated system, covering the broad range of EH&S data management and reporting needs.

MIRS™ offers modules for each of the compliance areas listed below. Most can operate in a standalone manner, while a few have prerequisites. Add-on modules expand your data management capabilities. Modules can be added to your existing configuration at any time, without penalty.

Environmental Compliance Area PDF Module Fact Sheet
Tier Reporting & Inventory Management Get Adobe Reader SARA Module
SDS Management & OSHA Compliance Get Adobe Reader (M)SDS Module
Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Form R Reporting Get Adobe Reader FORM R Module
Clean Air Act / Title V Compliance Get Adobe Reader AIR Module
Clean Water Act / NPDES Compliance Get Adobe Reader NPDES Module
Waste Management & RCRA Compliance Get Adobe Reader WASTE Module
Environmental Schedule Management Get Adobe Reader Task Master

We've packaged three of our most popular module configurations to meet your compliance reporting needs at a discounted cost. In addition to these discount packages, MIRS™ software can be implemented for a low monthly cost.

Software Packages

Created especially for consulting organizations to manage EH&S data and reporting for multiple clients, MIRS Suite™ provides all the MIRS™ modules in a single program:

MIRS Suite™ Software Tool for Consultants

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