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Clean Air Act / Title V

The AIR module provides assistance with EPA Clean Air Act compliance and management of air source and emissions data. AIR addresses Title V of the CAA, which covers air emission permits. AIR module features support the permit application process and demonstrate ongoing compliance with regulations after the permit has been issued.

In conjunction with the required Chemical List Extension (CLE), the module also provides data on the Hazardous Air Pollutants list (CAA Title III) and the Ozone Depleting Chemicals (ODC) list.

AIR module

The AIR module tracks air sources, emissions and limits. Supports permit application, tracking source inventory and what-if scenarios. Emissions data can be entered directly, computed from emission factors based on material (mixture) usage or production, factored as a weight percentage of the chemical, or imported from an external source. An AIR Module Setup Wizard allows you to select only the features of the module that apply to your facility.

You can produce various emission reports: reports associating emissions data with air pollutants, emission points, permit and pollutant limits; reports for the Hazardous Air Pollutants, Toxic Release Inventory (Form R) or any other agency chemical list of your choice.

  • Generate periodic emission reports with limit exceedance notification.
  • Create 365-day and 12-month Rolling Average Emssion Reports.
  • Save reports as PDFs and send them via e-mail.

The AIR module also includes a Greenhouse Gas Reporting Wizard that steps you through a process of determining if your facility is subject to reporting either under Federal or state requirements. The applicable greehouse gas lists are included in the regulated chemical database with global warming potential values needed to complete the report. As always, MIRS™ will be updated as new regulations come into effect.

The AIR module integrates with the SARA module for material and chemical component information; with CLE for reporting by agency lists, including HAPs; with PERMIT for permit tracking; and FORM R for SARA 313 (Toxic Release Inventory) reporting.

CLE module

The CLE (Chemical List Extension) is required with the AIR module, or as an add-on module to SARA, FORM R, (M)SDS, WASTE or NPDES. The CLE greatly expands the standard SARA chemical database for identifying and cross-checking multiple agency lists.

The CLE provides an integrated 220,000+ chemical library to expedite entry of chemical ingredients, and cross reference for more than 100 agency lists, including US EPA SARA, CAA, CWA, TSCA, ODC, Canadian NPRI, IDL, DSL, several national inventory lists, and various state lists such as CA, MI, NC, NJ, NY, PA, WI.

SARA module

This standalone module provides Tier reports, spill notification and SDS chemical list compliance reporting.

  • Generates Federal Tier II magnetic media for EPA submission.
  • Includes the SARA Title III chemical database.
  • Combines with the CHEMICAL LIST EXTENSION (CLE) for extensive agency cross reference.

Because the material tracking information is shared with other modules, such as FORM R and AIR, data entry burden is reduced, while the accuracy of material information is increased.

PERMIT module

This standalone module tracks the details of all permits, including scope, status, monitoring and reporting specifications. Tracks critical dates for follow-up and renewal. Produces reports of upcoming events and automatically alerts the user of permit renewal deadlines.

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AIR module

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Set Up Wizard
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Track limits
AIR compliance software sample screen: Track limits
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Record and track details of permits.
PERMIT software sample screen:  Track permit details

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