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Environmental Schedule Management

Today's environmental professionals have to cope with myriad compliance and operational activities and responsibilities. To help environmental professionals stay on top of all their commitments, MIRS™ offers the full-function TASK MASTER module for management of environmental activity and project schedules. TASK MASTER is a helpful tool for addressing some of the key elements of ISO 14001.


TASK MASTER serves as an add-on to any standalone MIRS™ module. Use the TASK MASTER module to track tasks and activities.

  • Provides calendaring function for environmental projects.
  • Tracks deadlines and automatically alerts the user of expirations at different levels of system access.
  • Assigns task responsibility to all users, selected users, or supervisors.
  • Send task messages and automated reminders via e-mail.
  • Maintains an audit trail of all task entries with who/what/when/why.

TASK MASTER produces a variety of reports useful for time-management and tracking, including: reports of scheduled tasks, reports of outstanding tasks, and reports reflecting all tasks for specified users. Provides documentation important to ISO 14000 compliance pursuits.

PERMIT module

This standalone module tracks the details of all permits, including scope, status, monitoring and reporting specifications. Tracks critical dates for follow-up and renewal. Produces reports of upcoming events and automatically alerts the user of permit renewal deadlines.

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