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To manage your materials and chemical components data, and to comply with your Federal, state and local Tier reporting requirements, consider the following MIRS™ solutions:

SARA module

This standalone module provides Title III, Section 302, 304, 311 & 312 compliance with Tier reports, emergency release (spill) notification, LEPC notification and SDS chemical list compliance reporting.

  • Generates Federal or State Tier II magnetic media for EPA submission.
  • Includes the SARA Title III chemical database.
  • Combines with the CHEMICAL LIST EXTENSION (CLE) for extensive agency cross reference.
An easy to use SARA Wizard steps you through data entry and reporting for compliance with State or Federal Tier II requirements. If an accident involving a potentially hazardous substance occurs, use the Emergency Release Notification Wizard to determine if any reportable quantities were exceeded and, if necessary, to prepare a notification letter for local, state, and Federal agencies.

Because the material tracking information is shared with other modules, such as FORM R and AIR, data entry burden is reduced, while the accuracy of material information is increased.

LOCAL module

This add-on to the SARA module provides State and Local Tier reporting addressing reporting variations from the EPA.

Specific implementations are available as well as Generic, a user-defined template for local reporting. Choice of specific implementations include: California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan CMR, Washtenaw County (Michigan), Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin.

CLE module

The CLE (Chemical List Extension) is an add-on module to SARA, FORM R, (M)SDS, AIR, WASTE or NPDES. The CLE greatly expands the SARA chemical database for identifying and cross-checking multiple agency lists.

CLE provides an integrated 220,000+ chemical library to expedite entry of chemical ingredients, and cross reference for more than 100 agency lists, including US EPA SARA, CAA, CWA, TSCA, ODC, Canadian NPRI, IDL, DSL, and various state lists such as CA, MI, NC, NJ, NY, PA, WI.


INVENTORY is an add-on module to SARA, FORM R, or (M)SDS. INVENTORY provides "real time" chemical inventory tracking by location or by container throughout the year.

  • Tracks transactions by location for physical inventory, purchase, usage and inventory transfers.
  • Calculates annual amounts from the transactions and integrates with the SARA and FORM R modules for SARA Title III reporting.


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SARA Module

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SARA module sample screen
SARA software sample screen
SARA module sample screen
SARA software module sample screen:  Regulated Chemical database
EPA Tier II sample facility report
EPA Tier II software sample report
EPA Tier II sample chemical report
EPA Tier II software sample report
EPA Tier II sample archive report
EPA Tier II software sample report

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CLE Module

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