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Toxic Release Inventory / Form R Reporting

MIRS™ is only Form R software approved by the EPA before the reporting deadline every year since 1988. The system offers the following solutions for the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Form R and Form A reporting:

FORM R module

Provides step-by-step guidance to chemicals reportable under SARA Title III, Section 313 (Toxic Release Inventory), and produces EPA-approved Form R and Form A in printed and electronic report format, ready for submission*. Provides user-friendly selection tables throughout, with type-of-use codes and release calculation equations to greatly simplify Section 313 compliance.
* Electronic format is uploadable to EPA TRI-MEweb.

The FORM R module offers step-by-step guidance through the various tasks: chemical identification, usage, release determination, exceptions and exemptions. A FORM R Wizard is available, to take you through each step of the TRI reporting process. The Wizard helps to ensure that you perform each necessary step, in sequence, that you've included releases to all media, and that your report is free of errors before you submit.

FORM R provides a large chemical database that includes all listed Section 313 toxic chemicals, including PBTs and Dioxins, and 19,000 chemicals belonging to Toxic Release Inventory categories. Detailed chemical information is included: CAS number, RTECs number, name/synonyms, molecular formulas, regulatory information, hazard classes and more.

FORM R module integrates with AIR, NPDES, and WASTE modules to streamline a company's EH&S reporting tasks: Automatically transfer Air Releases from the AIR module. Transfer NDPES discharge totals and Off-Site Transfers from the WASTE module.

The latest release of the FORM R module includes all listed Section 313 toxic chemicals, including PBTs and Dioxins and the lower thresholds for Lead.

Can MIRS™ help your organization track and report EH&S compliance more effectively and in less time? Yes!

Here is what one of our clients had to say about the benefits of using MIRS™:

"MIRS™ has greatly reduced the time required to complete my employer's Federal Form-R report. This provides me with additional time to address other workplace issues. Thank you!"

- MIRS™ client for 5 years.


Records chemical inventory transactions by location or container throughout the year. INVENTORY module calculates annual amounts from the transactions and integrates with the SARA and FORM R modules for SARA Title III reporting.

Provides year-to-date reports. Generates year-to-date inventory level reports and projects reportable chemicals based on annualized amounts.

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FORM R module

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