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FORM R Module Sample Screen below:

The FORM R Wizard steps you through the complete process of complying with the Toxic Release Inventory requirements. Starting with the facility requirements, the wizard helps you identifying toxic chemicals and proceeds with threshold determination, release calcualtions, and the completion of data needed to generate a TRI electronic submission file.

SARA 313 Form R Software screenshot

The FORM R Module provides you with features to help you calculate toxic chemical release quantities needed for the FORM R report. If you already have the numbers the module allows you to skip right to filling in the FORM R.

SARA 313 Form R Software screenshot

FORM R Module Sample Report below:

The FORM R Module generates the electronic submission file that you can upload to the ERP TRI-MEweb for direct submission. You can also generate a paper or PDF FORM R report to review the electronic submission file contents and for your own records.

SARA 313 FORM R Report screenshot

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