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MIRS™ is designed for unlimited flexibility to fit your needs. New and add-on modules are easily installed and fully integrated to operate seamlessly. In addition to the more than 20 modules for your various compliance and data management needs, A V Systems, the developer of MIRS™, provides a full range of services and configuration options to make sure that you get the most out of your MIRS™ package.

Annual Support Subscription & software update

The MIRS™ Annual Support subscription provides clients with unlimited telephone technical support from a senior level technical support representative.

Clients with Annual Support subscriptions receive at least one full software version update incorporating the latest regulatory changes, report changes and feature enhancements.

Annual Update

For clients with a current Annual Support subscription, a new version of MIRS™ is automatically delivered in January of each year. FORM R module users receive an additional update in April. These releases include changes to regulatory report forms, regulated chemical list updates, database updates, as well as program enhancements, such as new features, new menu options, and new data fields.

Throughout the year, A V Systems' Regulatory Specialists track and research the regulatory changes that could affect our clients. Any changes are incorporated into the software, removing the burden from you.

Technical Support

MIRS™ Technical Support is no ordinary tech support line that you call only when there is a problem. It's business support that you can call whenever you want to know how your MIRS™ software can work even harder for you.

Having unlimited access means that you can call (or e-mail) our Technical Support Specialists as often as you like, no matter how big or small the issue. Whether it's to eliminate a problem or to make MIRS work even more productively for you.

MIRS™ Technical Support is like having an EH&S consultant on call, to help you get more from your software.

Custom Data Import

This service option provides one-time import of existing EHS information into MIRS™ database for smooth installation and start-up of MIRS™.

Save your valuable time by having your existing data (whether from another in-house program or spreadsheets) imported directly into the program.

Import information includes component, manufacturer and SDS data.

Custom Data Conversion

Much like the Custom Data Import, the Custom Data Conversion is a service option in which A V Systems programmers convert data from other programs to MIRS. This preserves valuable information and saves countless data entry hours.

Because AVS has considerable experience and expertise in this area, we are able to provide most data conversions at a cost less than that of one software module. Read an article about A V Systems' data conversion expertise, "Solution to a New EH&S Software Problem", published in Pollution Equipment News magazine.

AVS has performed successful data conversions from many existing and outdated systems, including:

CHEMTOX®; OSHA-Soft/Achieve! Technology; HAZ/TRAK / The Hawkwa Group; Rainbow MSDS/Pro-Am Software; HITS; HAZOX/HAZOX Corporation.

Compliance is Important

Because OSHA requires that companies maintain chemical exposure information for 30 years, it is important to make sure that the SDS / MSDS data is retained and always accessible. Don't risk non-compliance fines by using outdated or cumbersome software. Rely on MIRS™, the fully supported and continuously updated EHS data management solution.

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