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Waste Management and RCRA Compliance

MIRS™ offers the WASTE container and manifest management module which handles "cradle to grave" waste tracking and reporting, including manifest, label and biennial report for compliance with the reporting requirements under RCRA subtitle C.

WASTE module

WASTE is a standalone module which provides cradle-to-grave waste tracking by container, waste material, component, date, generator, transporter and disposal facility.

The module generates manifests (including the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest forms effective September 6, 2006 as well as older federal and state formats), EPA RCRA biennial Site ID, Form GM, and Form OI reports, SQG status reports, waste labels, and many ad-hoc reports.

The module also includes the RCRA Waste and DOT Hazardous Materials tables.

This add-on to the WASTE module automatically tracks required RCRA training for employees, based on the job categories to which they belong and the hire date or last training date.

Tracks employees, job categories, training courses and course schedules.
Auto-enrolls employees for initial and recurrent training.
Use it to track employee training performance, such as course completions, grade, pass/fail status.

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WASTE module

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WASTE module sample screens:
Waste Software screenshot: Manifest
Waste Software screenshot: Manifest - containers
WASTE Form GM Biennial report sample screen: Waste Software screenshot: Form GM
RCRA TRAINING sample screen: Waste Software: RCRA TRAINING screenshot

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