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MIRS™ is designed for unlimited flexibility to fit your needs. MIRS™ offers more than 20 modules for your environmental management and compliance needs. In addition, A V Systems, the developer of MIRS™, provides a full range of services and configuration options to make sure that you get the most out of your MIRS™ package.

MIRS Online™
MIRS Online™ provides the full benefits of MIRS™ EH&S software without the hassle of hardware and software planning or installation and maintenance issues. MIRS Online™ can provide you with quick, easy access to all the MIRS™ modules from your office or any other location that has a high-speed internet connection.
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CORPORATE-MIRS™ is an add-on module that provides a central "roll-up" of MIRS™ data from all company facilities which are not interconnected with a LAN or WAN. CORPORATE-MIRS™ provides the ability to periodically upload and consolidate data entered locally at various facilities to a central corporate database, or to disseminate data, such as MSDSs, from the corporate database to the facilities.
Multi-Facility is a configuration option that adds the ability to handle combinations of facilities or even companies on one computer or network. Reduces data entry by sharing chemical and supplier databases, while maintaining separate facility inventory and reporting. Allows up to 999 facilities to be managed from one workstation. Facilities can be added at any time.
Multi-User LAN
Allows concurrent access of multiple users to MIRS™ via the company's PC network. Access by each user can be restricted by facility, module or function. Multi-User option can be installed on Windows Server, Novell, or any other PC LAN with NetBios.

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